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Affordable Website Management Services and WordPress Website Support

Is your business in need of WordPress maintenance and support help including website updates, plugin updates or just a routine cleanup of site content? We offer affordable website management services and WordPress support plans for every budget. Your custom WordPress website represents a large investment in time, energy, and funding and is well worth protecting. After your website is built and published, the whole world has access to it. That’s where Operation Technology’s WordPress management, support and maintenance services comes in. Whether you simply need WordPress website maintenance content updates, or you need someone on call to help manage your WordPress site, our website support company has you covered with a care plan to meet your needs. Any of our WordPress support plans will assist in keeping your business site secure and up to date while providing WordPress support and management for you to utilize when needed.

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Enjoy piece of mind with our affordable WordPress support pricing plans. We have bronze, silver, gold and custom plans fit everyone’s budget. We’ll provide WordPress help for your company site so you can grow your business.

Why Keep WordPress Up-To-Date?

Many WordPress websites owners think they will keep up with software updates, however, this fails to happen very often. Website owners frequently get caught up with work and publishing content. In doing so, they completely forget about keeping their website software updated and their data backed up. WordPress powers your site and will involve routine software updates to keep everything running smoothly and securely. These updates must be applied both to WordPress core (the main operating system of the software) and to all website plug-ins in order to keep the site functioning and healthy. Also, it is of importance to keep your website backed up regularly in case the website is ever hacked or your hosting fails.

What’s Included In a WordPress Maintenance Plan?

With our Bronze Maintenance plan, your site will be backed up and regularly updated with content edits. Our Silver Maintenance includes more frequent backups and security checks as well as an hour’s worth of technical support. The Gold Maintenance plan includes basic on-page SEO for enhanced optimization within search engines. Our Custom Maintenance plan is built for those clients who need a little more assistance with updates, backups, and managing their site’s content and infrastructure.

Why Hire Us for WordPress Website Maintenance Services?

  • Our response time is second to none. Great communication is priority when assisting clients with their site.

  • We won’t force you to switch to our hosting. We provide maintenance on your WordPress website on any hosting service.

  • Month-to-month service, no long-term contracts. We earn your business each month.

  • We do one thing, WordPress Management, and our goal every day is to provide a great experience.

  • Don’t have time to post content or add products to your site? We can help.

  • We’ll save you time and money, so you can get more business.

Additional Plan Details

Personalized WordPress Support – Includes one-hour of client-directed support requests that may include activities such as:

  • Troubleshooting of WordPress or plugins

  • One-on-one user training and WordPress assistance

  • Content entry or updates

  • Plugin investigation, recommendations and help

  • Plugin installation and configuration

  • Form creation and styling

  • Google Analytics and Google Search Console set up

  • Newsletter setup and integration

  • Website migrations

  • SSL setup

  • 301 redirect creation

Additional hours available via plan upgrade or on an hourly basis.

Monthly WordPress management and maintenance plans do not include full-service SEO strategy. These SEO services are available as an add-on service. Review our local SEO or main SEO services page and let us know if you require SEO consulting.

Security Monitoring – Hackers scour the web and are constantly inspecting websites and blogs that are exposed. Once found, they’ll attempt to load malware / malicious code into your website, which can redirect traffic and potentially yield warning notices in Google’s organic search. Operation Technology will monitor your website and scan for malware to better protect you.

Uptime Monitoring – We’ll actively monitor the website or blog’s uptime and take swift action should your site go down. We’ll notify you of any issues and we’ll help get it back up as soon as possible.

Other Content Management System’s (CMS) We Support:

Not only do we support WordPress, we can also provide website maintenance services for SquareSpace, Wix, Duda, Shopify and many other content management systems. Contact us to learn more about other CMS websites we support.

Affordable Website Support and Website Maintenance Packages:

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  • Custom maintenance schedule to fit your particular needs
Feature Bronze Silver Gold Custom for Your Needs
WordPress updates installed when released
Plugin updates checked weekly and installed
Theme updates checked weekly and installed
Up to 4 content updates per month
Up to 20 content updates per month
Up to 25 content updates per month
Downtime alerts
Scan for broken links
Monthly speed test
Priority support
Immediate support
Basic, on-site SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
Google Search Console & site tools
Analytics recommendations
Custom maintenance schedule to fit your particular needs
Monthly Payment $79 $199 $499
10% Discount with Annual Prepay $853 $2,149 5,389

Website Maintenance FAQs

Our website management services include many of the top CMS platforms including WordPress (including WooCommerce), Shopify, Wix, Squarespace, Duda, Weebly, hard coded websites and many more. Reach out to learn all the platforms we support and how we can help.

The month-to-month support time allocation for each of our website maintenance packages encompasses various tasks, including:

  • Modifying or adding text content.
  • Making changes to images.
  • Incorporating new pages or landing pages for marketing campaigns (please provide image and text content).
  • Updating or creating new forms.
  • Conducting research on new features or functionalities and offering recommendations.
  • Scheduling blog posts.

The time required to fulfill a request depends on its complexity. If a task exceeds your allotted website support time, we will inform you upon receiving your request and provide an estimate for your approval before commencing the work.

All plugins for which we hold a developer license are automatically incorporated into your monthly website maintenance plan without any additional charges. The specific list of included plugins may change periodically, but it typically encompasses user-friendly plugins falling within the following categories:

  • Page builder
  • Form builder
  • Caching and performance optimization
  • Event calendar

We provide various payment frequency options for our website maintenance packages, including monthly, quarterly, and annually. Opting for the annual payment option grants you access to your entire year’s worth of website support time upfront, which you can utilize at your discretion until your renewal date.

Once you signup, we’ll have your WordPress management services plan fully set up within five business days if not sooner.

Having a website maintenance plan is essential for maintaining the smooth operation, current status, and overall well-being and performance of your website. Here are some advantages of having a website maintenance package:

  • Consistent website maintenance enhances security, reducing vulnerability to cyber threats.
  • In case of server or website security issues, a website maintenance package ensures swift support for a prompt recovery.
  • Our website maintenance packages are committed to regular updates, ensuring that plugins, add-ons, and site functions remain current and compatible with evolving technology.
  • Troubleshooting website problems can be time-consuming; however, with a website maintenance package in place, you can have peace of mind knowing that issues will be efficiently addressed.
  • Website maintenance and management packages provide a sense of assurance. With a dedicated team overseeing your website’s smooth operation, you can concentrate on managing your business.

Upon commencement payment, we will require access to the following:

  1. Your website hosting account.
  2. The WordPress dashboard with administrative privileges.
  3. Your domain.

These accesses are necessary to initiate the process with your hosting partner and our web development team.

Unused website support time does not carry over from one period to another. Nevertheless, if you opt for annual payment, you will receive all your website support time upfront, allowing you to utilize it at your convenience throughout the year.

Certainly! Websites with advanced functionality, such as WooCommerce or Shopify, require more resources for us to effectively manage, test, and ensure their smooth operation. There is an additional fee of $50 on a monthly basis for eCommerce updates and website support.

Our website maintenance packages are preventative care, so we do our best to prevent anything from happening. However, in the event that your website has a major issue, we will communicate with the web hosting company on your behalf. We do not make guarantees that your website will not be hacked, but we will do everything within our power to prevent it, as well as assist in the restoration, cleanup, and site maintenance with one of our backups.

Our website maintenance packages primarily focus on preventive measures to minimize potential issues. In the event that your website encounters a significant problem, we will take the initiative to coordinate with the web hosting company on your behalf. While we cannot provide absolute guarantees against website hacking, we are committed to deploying our utmost efforts to prevent such incidents. Moreover, we are prepared to assist in the restoration, cleanup, and ongoing site maintenance utilizing one of our backup solutions.

Should you have tasks for your website that extend beyond your allocated monthly time, we will provide a separate quote for your approval, separate from your regular website maintenance package. Requests exceeding your allotted time will be assessed on an individual basis, and with your consent, we will proceed to work on them, billing for the additional time expended at our current support rate of $100 per hour.

100%. If you wish to cancel our services, kindly send a cancellation request via email to, and we will halt the next payment without any hesitation.

We offer various plans and have a dedicated support team ready to collaborate with clients seeking assistance in maintaining their websites.
To initiate the process, we typically conduct a website evaluation, where we gain an understanding of your website, its construction, and any potential challenges that may arise. During this evaluation, we perform all tasks related to “Website Updates and Monitoring” and create a comprehensive backup.
Furthermore, we compile a detailed list of issues that require attention, identify necessary software updates, and provide recommendations for improvements that would be beneficial for your website’s ongoing maintenance under a monthly website maintenance package. If you are interested in this service, please feel free to reach out via email, and we will promptly furnish you with a quote.

Yes! There will be no modifications to your WordPress admin dashboard unless specified when we assume hosting and website maintenance responsibilities.

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