What’s the Most Common Web Design Mistake?

The most common web design mistake (and the easiest one to avoid) is the FAILURE TO FIND THAT ONE QUALITY IMAGE for the main page of your web site — the image that will represent you to the first-time viewer and make them remember you.

This will likely mean spending a good deal of time looking for that image on the web (if you are looking to purchase royalty-free images from a service like photodisk.com, istock.com or jupiterimages.com). If you are unable to find what you want after searching the web, consider hiring a professional photographer. See how go get the most out of your professional photo session for more information on how a professional photo shoot works.

It’s also a mistake to put this decision off until late in the design process: you may find the perfect image — but if you have already designed the rest of your site, you might find yourself having to rethink the entire design (colors, layout, etc.) in order to fit that image. Better to delay the design process until you have found that perfect image, and then tailor the design to match the colors and feel of that image. First things first!

The first page of your web site is your calling card, your first impression; and it’s very important that you put your best foot forward right from the start. Delaying this decision (a decision that can be difficult, if not agonizing) can cost you time and money!