Simple Ways You Can Improve Your Website PageRank

Google has always been a main source of traffic for many website/blog owners. Page Rank is one among the main factors which influence your position on Google search. Google Page Rank is expected to be updated in next few weeks. As such, here is a list of 10 ways to improve Page Rank which could result in a lot of organic traffic as told by a Chicago SEO company, Operation Technology.

1. Large number of quality backlinks: A large number of quality high PR backlinks directing towards your website will help you improve Page Rank. Backlinks from highly ranked websites/blogs are usually considered more powerful as they ensure your influence on the web. This is considered to be the most important factor which Googlebot takes into account when calculating Page Rank.

2. Meta Tags: Meta tags help Google in understanding the niche of your website or blog. There are different kinds of meta tags such as meta description, meta keywords etc. which help in bringing targeted audience to your website/blog. This may provide a better idea on Meta tags and its usage.

3. Usage of H1 & H2 tags: H tags should be used only for headings and should not be used for making a letter bold or big. Wrapping your keywords on the H1 tags is of great benefit to get visits for your targeted keywords. So always make sure to have your Keywords on the heading.

4. Organized Linking of Web Pages: Linking the web pages of your website/blog in an organized way will help Google crawl your site easily. Wrong linking may lose your desired position on search.

Page1 -> Page 2
Page2 -> Page 3

Most of the search engines fail to understand that the links which are referred in the above example are been produced through iteration. So it is better to avoid these kind of linking.

5. Avoid misspelling: Most people won’t give much importance to this, but misspellings will have an influence on the Page Rank. There are chances where Google understands these misspelling wrong and apparently end-up with a negative effect and become an hurdle to improve Page Rank.

6. RSS feed: RSS feed for your website/blog not only helps you with better SEO but also for many other purposes. Creating an RSS feed and submitting it to various RSS directories will help improve Page Rank. So, as you update your blog, the directories also get updated and result you with more backlinks and traffic.

7. Use Social Media: Getting articles submitted from your website/blog in popular social media websites like Digg, Reddit, StumbleUpon, Delicious etc. not only help drive traffic to your site but also helps with backlinks. It’s worth working on social media websites as reaching their featured column will give you a boost in search engine positions and enable you to garner excellent traffic.

8. Submit your website/blog to directories: Find directories with high PR and submit your website/blog. This is one among the most influential and traditional ways to improve Page Rank. Try submitting your websites to as many directories as possible!

9. Update You Website/Blog Regularly: All the above mentioned ways are useless if you can’t update your website/blog frequently. Make a habit of introducing updated and reliable content so that the users will have a necessity to visit your website/blog often. This will also make the search engines realize that you are active.

Hope the above methods help you improve Page Rank! If your business needs assistance, be sure to contact our Chicago SEO consultants for assistance.