Social Media Monitoring and Analytics Reporting Services

Stay ahead of curve, actively listening to millions of social posts across the web.

Be Part of the Conversation and Engage With Your Audience

Need help with social media monitoring of your brand or company on the internet? Operation Technology can implement social media monitoring software that allows you to quickly and efficiently track, monitor, and react to comments, questions, and complaints as they happen on the web. Track and measure conversations on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, as well as comments and message boards with our social media monitoring tools and services.

Social Insights

Discover what people are saying online about your brand in real time. We utilize software that gives you access to mentions about your brand across the web, from social networks to influential publishers and even forums.

React Fast to Mentions

React and engage to user comments made about your company. Follow-up on positive comments about your brand or respond to a dissatisfied customer or general posting before the story gets ahead of you.

social media monitoring for brands

Spot Sales Opportunities

Since over 75% of consumers do research or ask online before making a purchasing decision, using a social media monitoring tool is critical and gives you the ability to listen and target new customers and identify where to promote products or services.

Operation Technology

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Key Benefits of Social Media Monitoring Software

  • Monitor and measure your brand and marketing campaigns across the web

  • Find and engage key influencers in your industry

  • Manage your reputation by responding to customer questions and complaints quickly

  • Spot emerging trends and conduct market research

  • Benchmark competitor social media campaigns

Social Media Analytics

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