Should You Use Instagram to Start Engaging New Customers?

You may have noticed how much marketers are using images in their social media marketing the last few years and with it the use of Instagram by businesses has really taken off. With a huge amount of users, Instagram has become a great opportunity for brands and businesses to get distribute quick messages and showcase their photos to their target demographic. Using Instagram, small business owners can instantly put a face to their business and watch their customer relationships and sales flourish as a result.

Why Instagram for business?

Instagram initially started out as a easy way to post pictures to your fans and probably did not have a lot of marketing value. However, during the past few years Instagram has become an effective outlet for marketers to expand their audience with visuals and short messages. 5 examples of ways businesses are utilizing Instagram to promote their business include:

  • To showcase products from their ecommerce catalog.
  • Ability to add context to photos.
  • In order to show how products are created with visual representation.
  • To quickly promote new products and sale items.
  • Share photos on various social networks for added marketing virality.

Backing this up is an infographic which shows how people are using Instagram today. This will help marketers to convince their stakeholders that Instagram is the next place to start engaging new customers.

Will you or do you utilize Instagram for your business? Let us know in the comments.