Adhesives, Grip Tape and Manufactured Coatings Company

SEO Case Study

Client Profile

This client is an innovative manufacturer of adhesive coatings, photoluminescent products and non-slip surfaces. They offer manufactured supplies and specialize in custom manufactured solutions for various industries including building trades, advertising, sports, media applications and more.

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Client Industry: Adhesive Coatings, Non-Slip Safety Materials and Substrates Manufacturing

Situation Before SEO

This client requested help with onsite and offsite search engine optimization for their manufacturing business. The client had a large website with a lot of content but minimal search traffic. The site was missing many important keywords that drive leads and was not ranking high for competitive keyword terms for their products and services.

SEO Solutions

We started with technical SEO audits along with onsite and offsite page optimizations. We performed SEO audits to address technical problems such as broken links, slow-loading pages and important content that was at the bottom of the page.  We also included a backlinking campaign to build domain trust and increase the strength of web page URLs that are important to their products and services.

Keywords are very important to any SEO campaign as it establishes relevance to Google’s search results so we added additional keywords to body copy and throughout important sections of individual web pages. Onsite optimizations tasks included updating very important title tags and meta descriptions to help increase click-through-rates (CTR’s).  To increase image search results, we optimized and compressed graphics and images throughout the site.

For fresh content and to build future traffic, we also recommended new articles / blog posts such as “How to” and “Why use” articles that answer common search questions that drive long tail keyword traffic over time.

In addition, we crosslinked important blog page content with pages to increase time on site and promote related pages for products and services offered.

Organic Website Analytics Summary

Increase of 312% for sessions.

Adhesives Manufacturer Case Study

Keyword Rankings

Increase of 5,937 spots in aggregate for keywords including “fabric laminators”, “photoluminescent signs” , “photoluminescent” and more.

Manufacturing Company Keyword Rankings

SEO and Organic Traffic Results

From the time-frame of January 2015 to December 2019, organic sessions have increased 312%. Each year has brought continual new highs in organic search traffic.


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