Healthcare Products and Services Company

SEO Case Study

Client Profile

This client is a leading supplier of healthcare products and support. Clients is in a competitive market for medical supply delivery for various therapies including diabetes, urology, ostomy and more.

healthcare industry SEO case study

Client Industry: Healthcare

Situation Before SEO

The client had a low website domain authority with minimal content. The site was missing many important keywords that drive leads and was not ranking high for competitive keyword terms for their products and healthcare services.

SEO Solutions

We started with technical SEO audits along with onsite and offsite page optimizations. We performed SEO corrections and enhancements to address technical problems such as slow-loading pages and building up important content to add more text to web pages along with associated imagery.  We also included a linking building campaign to build domain trust and increase the strength of web page URLs that are important to their products and services. 

Keyword research: We added additional keywords to body copy and throughout important sections of individual web pages to provide relevance to Google’s search results. Onsite optimizations tasks included updating important title tags and meta descriptions to help increase click-through-rates (CTR’s).  We added and optimized images throughout the site for image search for client products.

Blogging: A blog section was added to the website to increase content in order to build brand awareness, acquire links naturally, and provide informative information to prospects in the early purchasing cycle. This also helped to provide increased social media content for platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. We implemented new content for topics related to “How to” and “Why use” articles that answer common search questions that drive long tail keyword traffic over time.

In addition, we crosslinked important blog page content with pages to increase time on site and promote related pages for products and services offered.


Organic Clicks / Month


Keywords Targeting Website


Non-branded keywords page 1 of Google

Organic Website Analytics Summary

Organic traffic increase from 27k visits per month in 2013 to 208k per month in late 2022.

Healthcare SEO

Keyword Rankings

Increase of 5,095 spots in aggregate for keywords including “insulin pump supplier”, “medical supplies delivery”, “diabetes products” and more between 2011 and 2022.

SEO Medical Supplies Keyword Rankings

SEO and Organic Traffic Results

Organic traffic has increased each year since SEO campaign started in 2013. This has led to increased brand awareness and sales over the years.