Massage Therapy SEO Case Study

SEO Case Study

Client Profile

This client is a state approved, COMTA Accredited massage therapy school that provides students with the coursework and hands-on experience to pass the licensing exam, pursue a state license, and get employment as a licensed massage therapist.

massage therapy SEO case study

Client Industry: Healthcare

Situation Before SEO

The client had a low website domain authority and was missing many important keywords that drive leads for keywords customers would search for while looking for a massage school in the Chicago area. This was leading to low organic traffic from search engines such as Google and Google Map pack search results.

SEO Solutions for Massage Therapy Business

We started with technical SEO audits along with onsite and offsite page optimizations. We performed SEO corrections and enhancements to address technical problems such as slow-loading pages and building up important content to add more text to web pages along with associated imagery.  We also included a linking building campaign to build domain trust and increase the strength of web page URLs that are important to their products and services. 

Keyword research: We added additional keywords to body copy and throughout important sections of landing pages to provide relevance to Google’s search results. Onsite optimizations tasks included updating important title tags, headings and sub-headings and meta descriptions to help increase click-through-rates (CTR’s).  We added and optimized images throughout the site for image search for client products.

Local Citations: Local citations are a crucial element of any effective local SEO strategy, often referred to as NAP (name, address, phone number) data.  Research shows that they’re one of the most significant ranking factor for local pack visibility and the fourth most important signal for local organic search results. Our team worked on local citations to build signals across many sites to list the clients business.

Organic Traffic Increasing Over Time

Steady organic traffic increase year over year.  High ranking search terms continue to an drive increase in leads.

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massage therapy SEO keyword results

Keyword Rankings Increasing Over Time

Organic rankings for many keywords moving up in Google Search Results.

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massage therapy SEO keyword results

Keyword Rankings List of Terms

Image shows competitive keyword terms that have improved leading to more leads.

massage therapy SEO keyword rankings

Local Map Pack Results: “Massage Schools

Grid of map coverage of #1 ranking for main keyword.

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Local Map Pack SEO Results

Local Map Pack Results: “Chicago Massage Training

Another main keyword for business to drive new customer leads.

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massage therapy local SEO

SEO and Organic Traffic Results

A local massage therapy school saw a significant increase in organic clicks and leads after implementing targeted SEO strategies. By optimizing their website with relevant keywords related to massage therapy and local wellness services, they climbed the search engine rankings, making them more visible to potential students. This improved visibility led to a 50% increase in website traffic, primarily from people searching for massage courses in their area. Enhanced local SEO efforts, including optimizing their Google My Business listing and gathering positive reviews, further established their credibility and attractiveness. As a result, the school experienced a marked increase in inquiries and enrollments, directly attributable to their refined SEO approach.