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Whenever you need to buy something or look up a recommendation, where do you go? If you’re like most of the world, chances are you head to Google, Bing, Yahoo, or your preferred search engine. With over 5.6 billion searches per day, the internet is the most relied upon source of information in current society. Although this makes life pretty convenient for consumers, it can be difficult for businesses to stand out. Since search engines work to improve user experience and make things as easy as possible, they prioritize certain websites. In order for your website to show up on the results pages, utilizing strategic search engine optimization (SEO) is essential. Operation Technology is an award-winning SEO company offering results-driven SEO to Pittsburgh organizations and beyond. We help businesses get in front of online users who are looking for your products and services. Thanks to our experience and proven strategies, our Pittsburgh SEO professionals know what it takes to get your websites in high-ranking positions on the search engine results pages (SERPs). The better you rank for industry-related keywords and phrases, the more targeted leads you’ll receive.

Operation Technology is a full-service digital marketing agency committed to helping our clients succeed. We come together to form a dedicated team of marketing strategists, web designers, full-stack developers, and content writers who are adept at helping you grow your rankings and increase organic search results. With Operation Technology’s comprehensive packages, you’ll gain access to SEO professionals who utilize innovative techniques and current SEO best practices to create a strong foundation for your digital marketing plan. This, in turn, can help you experience better website performance, a stronger online presence, and long-term, scalable success across various channels.

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    Our Approach to Effective Pittsburgh SEO Strategies

    At Operation Technology, we’re committed to providing results-driven search engine optimization and affordable marketing services. To do this, we design, build, and optimize professional, responsive websites for businesses who are ready to grow their online presence and break through barriers. We take things one step further by focusing on comprehensive SEO strategies that are sustainable over time. This means that websites aren’t just created with high-quality user experience in mind, they’re created to support long-term success. Operation Technology’s team of Pittsburgh SEO experts understand the intricacies surrounding search engine algorithms and always apply best practices to create digital marketing campaigns that actually work. To learn more about how our SEO marketing strategies can help you improve ranking for essential keywords and phrases in your industry, consider our process below.

    What Does Our SEO Process Involve?

    There are hundreds of options for online marketing agencies, but Operation Technology offers results-driven SEO services that will help you get more traffic, qualified leads, and business from your website. While SEO is a complicated endeavor that requires several steps, our framework remains the same.

    1. Complete a Website Audit

    Before doing anything else, it’s important to understand how your website is currently performing. That’s why our first step in developing a successful SEO marketing campaign involves completing a full website audit. Our technicians and web developers work together to analyze all of the components of your current site and gain a stronger understanding of how you’re ranking. This gives us the opportunity to see what’s working and what needs to be improved, thus providing the foundation for applying effective SEO best practices. Website audits are an important first-step in maximizing the results of digital marketing strategies. They also provide a baseline for tracking improvements or changes in site performance.

    2. Perform Technical SEO Analysis

    The next step is performing a technical SEO analysis. This dives deeper into your site structure to evaluate your sitemaps, page layout, navigation, and more. Performing a technical analysis gives Operation Technology’s Pittsburgh SEO professionals an understanding of how search engines are currently crawling and ranking your pages. This is done in terms of legitimacy, credibility, and relevancy to your industry standards—all of which are essential ranking factors assessed by search engine algorithms. Other technical SEO elements that will be examined include indexing, backlinks, content quality, page speed, analytic tools, coding errors, broken links, social media, metadata, and more.

    3. Conduct Strategic SEO Keyword Research

    After a thorough technical SEO analysis is performed, our results-driven SEO experts move on to keyword research. Keyword research involves the process of analyzing which terms or phrases are used most by your target audience. We also factor in search intent, which is important for industries in any market. Our search engine specialists use a variety of powerful tools to create a list of short-tail and long-tail keywords and phrases that need to be distributed across your site. Since SEO is a dynamic process, so is keyword research. Through Operation Technology’s understanding of relevant search intent and phrases, we’ll create an optimized SEO campaign for your Pittsburgh-based businesses.

    4. Create High-Quality, Optimized Content

    Operation Technology’s team of professional content writers then integrate target keywords into original content that’s used to help you stand out as an expert in your industry. The content will be structured around your keyword list so words and phrases can be used naturally—thus appealing to both readers and search engines alike. Since search engines value high-quality, relevant content that reads naturally, this is an important step in the process that should be continued monthly, quarterly, or yearly depending on your goals.

    Operation Technology

    Drive Leads and Sales with Operation Technology

    There are hundreds of options for online marketing agencies, but Operation Technology offers results-driven services that will help you get more traffic, qualified leads, and business from your website.

    Why Work with a Results-Driven Pittsburgh SEO Company?

    Operation Technology provides expert SEO services to help businesses increase their likelihood of reaching the first page of Google, Bing, and Yahoo searches. Thanks to our customized approach and our team of SEO professionals, our marketing practices are tailored to help you experience growth and increased revenue. With increasing visibility, you’ll put yourself in front of the audience you need for ongoing success.

    We provide unique digital marketing strategies that focus on SEO best practices to Pittsburgh businesses and beyond. Some of the benefits of working with our team of professionals include: