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How we shop for homes is changing. Sure, realtors still take people for showings and hold open houses, but we no longer grab the newspaper to peruse over all of the vacancies. Driving around promising neighborhoods looking for the hope of a “for sale” sign is rare and instead, people head to the Internet. They want to be able to take virtual tours prior to spending their time on an in-person tour, which is why online real estate is bigger than ever. With a growing market comes growing competition, so it’s important to head into the game with a strong digital marketing and digital advertising strategy along with a mobile responsive real estate focused website design.

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As your keywords improve over time in rankings within Google search results, so does organic traffic leading to increased sales.

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A Typical Campaign Will Use These Key Online Marketing Channels:

Web Design

Your website is a direct reflection of your business. Give people a reason to hire you with a captivating web design. Rather than purchasing a cookie-cutter website and calling it a day, find someone who can create a unique site that helps foster sales. Hiring our professional website design company for this is well worth the money.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Real estate is a fairly saturated market. There are an ever-growing number of realtors, companies, and independent sellers on the market at a given time. This makes the online competition tough. Unless a friend or family member recommended you, people will use search engines to find someone they believe to be the most reputable. Usually, that equates to whoever appears at the top of a search engine results page. The coveted #1 spot gives you an authority and expertise in your market, which is why SEO is crucial. Even if you can’t quite reach #1, being on the first page will increase your business tremendously, which is why it’s crucial to bring in the professionals.

Paid Search / PPC

Pay-per-click advertising helps get you seen by the people that are looking. It focuses on targeting relevant audiences through strategic advertisements. PPC means that instead of paying for static ad space, you pay every time somebody physically clicks your ad. This is a great option for targeted marketing strategies, but requires a bit more attention in analysis. Hiring a professional to run your PPC ads are strong investments that will help you increase your ROI.

Social Media Management

In real estate, social media is important. You’re the face of your own company and the way the world sees you is crucial to your business. Make sure to take full advantage of social media platforms available to build your brand, show potential customers what you can do, and grow your reach. While you don’t need to have a profile on every platform, make sure you cover the big ones: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

Content Writing

Being in a sales job means you need to be persuasive and that needs to spill into your written word. Your content should be highly engaging and focus on giving your audience the confidence they need to hire you for all of their real estate needs. If you know what you want to say, but can’t seem to find your voice, consider outsourcing your writing.

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