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Companies of all types are relying more and more on new and innovative marketing techniques—and your painting business should be no different. The days of billboard and radio advertising are on their way out as advertising online becomes more viable and provides a higher return on investment.

Digital marketing isn’t limited to ads online, though. With digital marketing tactics like search engine optimization (SEO) and email blasts, you can help your painting company gain a broader customer base and keep those customers well-informed on your services.

Of course, you can also invest some of your marketing budget in more traditional ads on social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram.

Why Is Digital Marketing Important for Home Painters?

Digital marketing isn’t just vital for interior and exterior painting businesses—it’s crucial for all businesses! Digital marketing can increase your leads and sales by generating more traffic to your company’s website.

With a proper painter SEO campaign combined with PPC ads and other advertising marketing strategies, your business can appear higher in search engine results. Digital marketing also gives you the tools that you need to set your company apart from other residential painting businesses.

When you’re drawing up a painting business marketing strategy and digital marketing plan, you should be thinking about how to establish your business’s brand online and what makes your brand unique.

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Search Engine Optimization and Local SEO

Search engine optimization is one of the biggest unsung heroes of digital marketing. This behind-the-scenes tactic uses specific keywords that relate to marketing your painting business to leverage them in search results.

To take advantage of search engine optimization, you will need to integrate these keywords into the content displayed on your website. Once these keywords are in the content on your business’s webpage, when people search for those keywords in search engines like Google, your business will be more likely to appear higher in the search results, leading more people to your site.

You can further strengthen your Local SEO by adding keywords based on your painting company’s service area for a more targeted approach.

Website Design

Website design is another significant factor in your digital marketing strategy. Your website’s layout and style can say just as much about your painting company as the words on it in the eyes of your potential customers.

If your landing page looks like it hasn’t received an update since the days of dial-up, your customers probably won’t take the time to try to navigate it. Website design isn’t just about looks, though.

Functionality and user experience are just as important as visual appeal. Your customers should be able to navigate through every page of your website with ease. If they have difficulty finding the information they are looking for, they might move on to another painter’s site. Choosing a professional website designer is crucial to long-term success.

Social Media Management

Social media management might be a new concept to many painting companies, and it can be challenging to know where to begin if you’ve never run a social media account before. Regardless, social media is the easiest way to stay directly connected to your customers. It is also a cost-effective alternative to pay-per-click marketing.

While SEO lets you cast a wide net to bring in new customers, social media marketing allows you to target a particular audience. Your followers on social media will most likely be residents in your service area. The best part about social media is the ability for your customers to share your content. It’s basically free advertising.


If you need to drum up business for your painting business quickly, pay-per-click advertising is the way to go. PPC ads allow you to make payments for advertising at the top of search engine results, rather than relying on SEO strategies for your business to come up in organic searches.

One of the main advantages of PPC is that the advertisements can appear before organic search results. When your customers search for keywords related to your business, like “home painters near me” or “house painting company in Chicago,” your company can show on or near the top slot in the search results. The downside to PPC is that once your daily budget gets exhausted, your ads will stop showing.

Why Not Do All of This Myself?

While it may seem like a simple task at first, digital marketing takes a lot of effort and requires constant dedication and upkeep.
Relevant keywords related to your painting business may change over time, which means that your website copy, ads, and more will need to change with them.

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