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Going digital is the best way to bring your carpet cleaning business’s marketing plan into the 21st century. As people increasingly head online for both work and pleasure, the advertising world has followed.

While billboard and television advertising may have been optimal options to bring in new customers in the past, this is no longer the case. Digital marketing can attract more customers to your carpet cleaning business because it reaches them in more than just one way.

Digital Marketing for Carpet Cleaning Business
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Why Is Digital Marketing Important for a Carpet Cleaning Business?

Digital marketing is essential for all businesses, no matter what type. It can make your carpet cleaning company more accessible to customers in your area. It also allows them to find your business naturally, rather than feeling like they are on the receiving end of a sales pitch.

A reliable and professional online presence is crucial in today’s business world. Your website gives your customers all the information they need and offers them an easy way to find and contact you.

Our Services:

Search Engine Optimization and Local SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) may be the most crucial aspect of your digital marketing campaign. SEO involves researching keywords that potential customers most frequently search for online when looking for carpet cleaners. These keywords need to appear seamlessly in the content on your company’s web page as they help guide potential customers to your website.

It is also wise to include keywords based on your company’s location or service areas. Then, when people include those geographic locations in their searches, your carpet cleaning company has an extra advantage over the competition.

Website Design

Website design is another vital part of your online presence. You should pay special attention to your carpet cleaning business’s website’s design when establishing your brand online. Your customers should immediately get a feel for your company even before they have read the first word of your website’s copy.

It is also imperative to make sure that your website is responsive, which means that when your customers view your website on their mobile devices, the site adapts to their phone screen. If you’ve ever been on a website in your mobile browser that you have to scroll horizontally to see all of the content, you know how much of a nuisance this can be. Picking the right web designer is critical for future success.

Social Media Management

Our social media services can also be a great and cost-effective way to promote your business. They allow you to display your work for potential customers to see. Social media also offers your company a direct line to customers so that you can connect with them on a level that sits somewhere between “friend” and “trusted business.”

If you commit to creating accounts for your carpet cleaning business on social media platforms, you should keep them updated. Followers on social media can be fickle, and if your profile goes too long without new content, you might lose those followers. Losing social media followers means fewer people to engage with your content and fewer people sharing your content with other potential customers.


When first beginning your digital marketing strategy, you might want to create a buzz for your carpet cleaning business quickly to jumpstart the marketing process. One of the best ways to do this is via pay-per-click advertising (PPC). These ads appear based on keywords related to your business, similar to SEO strategies.

The difference with PPC marketing is that you have to pay for the advertisements. The advantage of PPC ads is that they may appear above organic search results.  The disadvantage to pay-per-click investments is that once your daily budget gets exhausted, your ads will stop showing.

Why Not Do All of This Myself?

You may have read how to market a carpet cleaning business online, but you might wondering why you would pay someone to create and manage your strategy when you could possibly tackle it yourself. Digital marketing is not a set-it-and-forget-it deal. It requires constant research into the most common keywords and content updates to retain and grow customer engagement.

While it is possible to create and execute a digital marketing strategy for your carpet cleaning business yourself, it can be overwhelming, and mistakes can be costly. In most cases, it is best to trust the experts.

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