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From SEO to web design and PPC, Operation Technology specializes in digital marketing for interior design companies.

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If your business is in the field of interior design, you require effective digital marketing to set your services apart from the competition online. Operation Technology recognizes the importance of a strong online marketing strategy to assist interior design firms in boosting their leads through organic traffic and paid search channels like Google Ads, ultimately expanding their client base. If you currently don’t have a website to showcase your interior design services, we can create and design an attractive interior design website tailored to your needs to kickstart your online presence.

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As your keywords improve over time in rankings within Google search results, so does organic traffic leading to more clients.

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Our Services:

Web Design

Prospective clients often begin research with a search that will inevitably end up on your interior design website. People want to see whether your work matches their vision for their interior aesthetic. This point underscores the extreme significance and impact of your website on a client’s buying decisions. Our professional website designers can bring your ideas to life and provide your business a Google optimized website that will allow you to take full advantage of the internet and promote your interior design business.

Professionalism, style, and expertise are just some of the factors that may be on a client’s mind when perusing the website of any interior designer. Marketing for interior designers includes ensuring your website directly embodies everything about your work to accurately portray you to your audience.


A beautiful and user-friendly website accomplishes little for an interior designer if the page gets lost in a sea of Google search results. Interior design marketing incorporates SEO and local SEO to help your page climb the results and gain visibility.

Effective SEO services divide experienced marketing companies from their novice counterparts. The optimization process requires intimate knowledge of the interior design industry as a whole to tailor a website that gives any potential client, regardless of aesthetic preferences, room to roam.

Social Media Management and Paid Social Media Promotions

The importance of social media is obvious enough, overstated by statistics that point to its widespread use and influence. Where difficulty arises is in our ignorance of how to best leverage a set of social media pages.

In a nutshell, people talk and keep up with friends and family on social media. Engagement like this happens even more so with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic keeping hundreds of thousands of people home in quarantine.

Thus, social media represents an online face for you as an interior designer to interpersonally engage with your clients, and indirectly with their networks as well. Social media more closely resembles organic word of mouth than any other online platform.

Effective social media management will allow your pages to house vibrant and active communities that allow happy clients to speak for you. Then, your social media community can grow with use of paid promotions that get your content in front of new faces organically and efficiently.


The problem with billboards becomes clear when you realize thousands of people passing the billboard may not care about what they see. PPC (pay-per-click) advertising such as Google Ads effectively puts an online billboard in front of target audiences to ensure the right people see it and know how to get in contact with you should they decide to take the next step.

The value of PPC pertains directly to interior designers because interior design can fall under categories like home improvement with major search engines. Effective use of PPC can help narrow down the types of people who find you online.

Why Not Do This Myself?

At its core, online marketing requires no special license, meaning anyone can log on and whip up a few pages for themselves. However, this kind of approach is akin to buying an advertisement slot with the local news station and seeing little to no results.

People want to find interior designers they can trust, someone who displays high levels of skill and knowledge. Call (773) 789-8636 to learn more how our Chicago internet marketing agency can provide strategies for your business.

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