How to Make Your Blog Posts Go Viral

One great advantage of viral marketing traffic is that it requires little investment from your part and that it is cheap. Getting viral traffic to your blog can be one of your greatest accomplishments as a blogger because it only involves good content and time to publish to your blog plus the excitement you get when you view your web analytics and see all the incoming visitors to your site.  Blogs should incorporate different types of media within their posts because viewers may not stay interested in a blog that never mixes up the way it posts its content. Here are some basic tips for creating your blog post and ways to make your blog post go viral:

1. Make it helpful or interesting
2. Use humor – Humor can be the key for a blog post to go viral. Think about who your target audience is and would they understand the humor.
3. Give it a twist
4. Ride on the coattails of a popular trend
5. Optimize your posts for specific keywords

How to Make Your Blog Posts Go Viral Meme

Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are obvious choices for sharing stories with friends and acquantances, but there are other sites devoted specifically to spreading and sharing your blog posts. Don’t forget Reddit, StumbleUpon and Digg and the more recent Pinterest. If you give each post the maximum exposure, you can focus on writing better stories and still get a lot of page views.

30 Viral Marketing Techniques

30 Viral Marketing Techniques and Blog Success Tips Infographic

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By Brad Fogel