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What Does Our Free Website SEO Audit Tool Do?

Where does your website rank on Google? What can be done to increase your online visibility and encourage leads? If your site is struggling to be found online, our free SEO audit tool can give you the answers you’re looking for. The SEO audit form below will provide a website SEO score and help identify issues that impact your organic SEO performance so you can work in-house to improve your site’s ability to be crawled by the search engines or feel free to hire our SEO experts to correct your websites audit findings. The quick and easy SEO Page Analyzer tool examines the on-site and off-site elements that are important for the optimization of a web page and provides you with clear and detailed advice based on the best practices recommended by Google.

What’s Your SEO Score?

Enter the URL of any landing page or blog article to grade your website and see how optimized it is for one keyword or phrase.

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Top rankings increase your visibility and website traffic which creates more targeted leads, customers and profits. If your site is not ranking on the top of Google and other search engines for your products or services, then you are leaving money on the table to your competition that show ahead of you. Our free and quick online SEO report helps you find out how to improve your website, outrank your customers and increase sales by identifying landing page code issues, mobile audit diagnostics and page speed problems. Need help fixing website problems after running your website SEO score checker? While SEO takes time and your online presence won’t improve overnight, we can help you to get there.  Contact us for a free consultation to review your SEO audit report.

Frequently Asked SEO Questions

An SEO analysis is a comprehensive evaluation of your website’s alignment with SEO best practices. This evaluation encompasses a review of different facets of your site’s SEO, including on-page, off-page, and technical aspects. With the results, you can gain insights into the areas where your site excels and identify opportunities for enhancement. Typically, an analysis is conducted using an SEO checker tool.
An SEO checker examines given URLs against established SEO guidelines, covering aspects such as title tags, keyword usage, page speed, and more. The outcomes of this website analysis are then consolidated into an SEO report, which can be utilized to enhance your site’s SEO performance.

Enter the url name of the business in the form and click “Scan Now“. Within minutes, our SEO analyzer will analyze your website, display your score, highlight notices and warnings along with critical errors. From there, you can download a PDF to fix yourself, send to your developer to improve your SEO or learn how an SEO pro at Operation Technology can help fix this issues with a comprehensive SEO strategy.

The SEO Score is the general score used to provide how many issues need to be addressed and the overall health of your web page. It helps to show each website’s technical SEO issues and why each is important to fix. Remember that the website score evaluation is only part of the overall SEO evaluation. There are many factors that have an impact on your SEO in ranking high within Google and Bing such as backlinks, web page speed / server response time, keywords and much more.

Use the audit results generated within minutes of your content to check for Search Engine Optimization issues and to fix errors.  You can use the tool to run an audit on each page you are reviewing in order to check a specific page’s score and spot problems with Google Page Speed, keyword density and many other items. The report can also be exported to PDF to fix errors later on.

Google relies on more than 200 ranking factors, though some have more weight than others. Link building, for instance, is one of the more influential ranking factors for Google search results. Proper on-page optimization is also one of the important signals for search engines about the quality of your website.

By optimizing your pages based on the recommendations of our website analyzer you can:

  • Improve your website’s visibility in the SERPs and increase organic traffic by correctly completing the title and meta descriptions, alt text, addressing and fixing redirects and broken links.
  • Improve site structure by creating more internal links to the best pages.
  • Eliminate the site’s vulnerabilities so that you will not become a victim of unfair competition.

Correcting errors in technical optimization is usually done in parallel with other work on the site. First of all, we recommend tracking large-scale website changes in your web analytics system, (as a general rule, it’s more convenient to do this in Google Analytics). If you add this event all at once, you can make further estimates at any time:

  • How has user behavior changed? (Number of page views, time spent on page, dropout rate);
  • How has the number of returning users changed compared to previous periods (use cohort analysis);
  • How have the positions of certain keywords and landing pages changed (e.g. Google Search Console data to evaluate changes).

Of course! We are here to help. Just contact our SEO experts for a free consultation and review of your SEO audit report.

Using our SEO checker, you have the option to evaluate one page at a time. If you are examining multiple pages, we suggest creating a document in Excel or Google Sheets. This document can serve as a tool for devising a plan to implement the recommended SEO changes.

Depending on your industry of your business, it is possible that you may have a web page with strong rankings but subpar SEO. This situation can occur if your competitors are not actively optimizing their pages either. Nevertheless, it is essential to take a proactive stance on search engine optimization, as there’s a possibility that someone will eventually optimize their pages, potentially affecting your rankings.

Although you have the flexibility to reevaluate your page using our SEO checker whenever you like, we also advise keeping tabs on your modifications through your Google Analytics account. For instance, if you’re implementing significant alterations to a page, you might consider creating an event within Google Analytics to signify this change.

When you review your Google Analytics data for that page, you can then monitor the following:

  • Number of pages viewed
  • Total, unique, and returning visitors
  • Bounce rate
  • Time on page

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