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What is Facebook Advertising?

Like all social media, Facebook ads are specific to their platform. While the average user rarely thinks about the marketing strategies that are integrated into their favorite social media platform, businesses of all sizes should be taking advantage of it, and specifically, Facebook marketing.

How Advertising on Facebook Works:

When you sign up for Facebook, you agree to the terms and services—most of which include data privacy information that no one takes the time to read. However, Facebook gathers data on their users and knows important demographics that can help you create a targeted advertising strategy that maximizes profits while minimizing effort.

Facebook offers video and image advertising options alongside instant experience ads, lead generation ads, offers, post engagement, event response, page likes, carousel ads, and collection ads. All of these can be used to strategically to drive conversions and strengthen your company’s brand and public image. Facebook advertising is one of the best ways to take advantage of the social media frenzy that our society has created.

Facebook for business advertising

Why is Facebook Advertising Important?

These days, social media is one of the biggest powerhouses of the world. On Facebook alone, there are close to 2 billion active users who spend hours a week looking at memes, connecting with friends, and searching for business recommendations. While a majority of users spend about 30-40 minutes per day on Facebook, others spend upwards of 3 hours. Because of the prevalence of Facebook in today’s world, Facebook advertising is one of the most effective, lucrative forms of advertising on the market. The average cost per thousand impressions (CPM) starts as low as $5, which means you can reach over 1,000 people for under $10.

When done correctly, Facebook advertising will help to increase your online business, grow your customer base, and create stronger brand recognition than ever before. It provides the perfect opportunity for businesses to market their target audience and create a direct line of sales.

It’s been shown that businesses who create successful Facebook ad campaigns receive predictable growth that offers long-term success. If you’re looking to grow your business quickly and efficiently, Facebook advertising is essential.

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What is a Facebook Advertising Agency?

A lot of marketing companies offer some sort of social media services, but to get the most out of your efforts you need someone who clearly understands how Facebook works. That’s where a Facebook advertising agency comes in. Facebook advertising agencies are agencies who have a clear understanding of how to get the most out of your Facebook marketing efforts and have the experience to back it up. Operation Technology has a team of social media marketing experts who know what needs to be done to fully optimize your Facebook advertising strategies and get the most out of your advertising efforts. We’ll help you create an affordable Facebook marketing plan that will help you grow your business.

By utilizing advanced tactics that are specific to Facebook, we can help you improve your brand awareness, generate more traffic, attract search engines for higher rankings, create buzz for your business, improve lead generation, and solidify the social proof of your company.

Operation Technology: The Facebook Advertising Agency You Need

Operational Technology is a Chicago Internet marketing, website design, and SEO agency that provides everything you need for your company’s digital marketing needs. Our social media marketing experts are well versed in Facebook ad campaigns that can help bring your marketing efforts to the next level. From start to finish, Operational Technology will handle all of the details of your campaign including weekly monitoring, optimization, and any necessary adjustments.

When done properly, Facebook advertising services allow you to showcase your brand to your target audience and achieve stronger sales without limiting your resources. Our goal is to help you maximize your advertisement spending while improving engagement, boosting conversion rates, and creating real, long-lasting results.

How Our Facebook Advertising Agency Works

Facebook Ad Analysis

Facebook Ads Analyze and MonitorThe first step is understanding how you’ve used Facebook advertising in the past and how your industry is best utilizing it as a marketing strategy. This will allow us to see what’s working and what’s not, so we don’t waste any time. By analyzing the Facebook ads that work well in your industry, we’ll be able to develop a strategy that gets results fast.

Content Strategy and Development

Next, we’ll create a strategy that will help you reach your target audience and improve conversion rates. Our team of experts will write your Facebook advertising copy and any descriptions so that it’s created to best reflect your brand and tailor to your industry. We will include creative, engaging content that helps compel action and encourage the best possible outcome. Our team of experts work to ensure that you have pre-scheduled content for social channel sharing to boost engagement.

Facebook Ad Optimization

During the writing process, we’ll work to ensure all of your Facebook ads are optimized for SEO so they’re more visible on search engine results pages. Once the ads start running, we’ll work to optimize them based on testing and analysis results. This allows us to project long-term performance and make any necessary changes along the way. Optimization includes hashtag research that will help encourage users to drive campaigns.

Facebook Ad Monitoring

One of the best parts about working with an experienced Facebook ad agency is the ability to track and measure engagement throughout this process. We will work to manage and monitor all of your Facebook advertisements to ensure that you’re getting the most out of your campaign. If we see anything that’s not working, we’ll make changes so you can get the biggest return on investment possible. Operation Technology will compile these reports to share success with your company so you can better understand how your ads are affecting your business.

To learn more about Facebook advertising services from Operation Technology, or to get a quote for your business, call us today at 773-789-8636.

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