eCommerce Store and Site Migrations

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Why Migrate Your eCommerce Store

Has your eCommerce business outgrown your current CMS platform and you’ve decided to move to a better platform?

A platform that demands less attention and updates than a custom site so your team can focus on generating more sales and adding more products?

Perhaps a platform that doesn’t require fresh code each time you want to add a new feature to help improve your conversion rate because that takes time, money and energy?

If so, then migrating your store is the right solution for you. However, there is a lot at stake because a dysfunctional eCommerce website will cripple your business. From losing precious SEO rankings, broken product page URLs to missing images and customer orders, migrating an eCommerce website needs serious preparation, usually months in advance. But it must be done if your business is to compete, survive and thrive in the demanding eCommerce landscape.

Make A Plan

The first thing you need to do is identify the gaps and shortcomings of your current platform. Start by building a list of “must haves.” Like shopping for a new home, you want all the features on your list taking into account your current budget, product type and future growth.

Speed and volume are the most significant considerations for enterprise-level stores and those who seek to attain that level of business. Some eCommerce stores need flexibility and design updates that can be made quickly because of their product niche. For others, they need a platform that can handle rapid growth in both traffic volume and the number of SKUs offered.

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Website Migration Process

Not only are we experts with Shopify web design and development, we can also handle the headache of migrating your store. We’ve helped our clients seamlessly migrate all their orders, customer data, product pages, product collections, customer reviews and then update the new store’s design to perform optimally with improved conversion rates along with implementing SEO best practices.

Here’s how it works.

  • First we work with your team and review your current site so we can provide you with mock ups of the new design that we all agree with. We have themes that are flexible, affordable and follow eCommerce UX/UX designs that convert.

  • We backup your current website and data and then schedule the data migration to your Shopify platform.

  • Once the migration completes, we confirm nothing has been missed. We check all the data and also verify with your team. We review if broken URLs have been generated, perform test purchases and confirm complete functionality.

  • We then update your new Shopify site design to match the mock up requirements. We will also install the apps required to make it all work seamlessly and customize the code as needed.

  • During the design process, we also update your on page SEO for URL updates, meta description, page titles and keywords for all your website pages, but most importantly, your product and product collection pages.

  • We offer 2 weeks of post support to fix any lingering issues. We’re not happy unless you’re happy!

Why Choose Us for your eCommerce Migration Project?

We know there are several options out there for an eCommerce site migration but very few offer our attention to detail, our eCommerce SEO services and amazing team to make your new store shine. Most importantly, we work closely with every client to assess your unique requirements for the best solution and develop a plan that succeeds. At Operation Technology, we take pride in our customer’s success and in helping our clients keep their businesses running smoothly.

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