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7 Common WordPress Mistakes and How To Avoid Them


Are you running your website using WordPress? If you're not, then here’s an article we recently published on why WordPress is the best content management system for your business website. If you are, then great! You’ve got that first step right. But then comes the real work. Perfecting your business website takes a lot of [...]

How to Master SEO for WordPress

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Image Pixabay WordPress is the world's most popular CMS, possessing an enormous 60% of the market. Part of the allure for bloggers, businesses, and entrepreneurs alike lies in its significant SEO capabilities, with webmasters wielding a huge amount of control when optimizing their sites for the search engines. But how exactly can you [...]

8 Tips to Upgrade Your Website

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Life can change in the blink of an eye. The same holds true for the world of online commerce and web advertisement. Each and every year trends change and people begin favoring different visual styles. Surprisingly, they can be subtle enough to go overlooked but also strong enough to subconsciously impact whether or not someone [...]

Top Trends in Web Design 2017

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Our 2017 Trends in Web Design Keeping up to speed with the most recent website design patterns can imply the distinction between an acceptable site and one that makes visitors really want to drop everything they're doing and provide you their concentrated attention. Even in a hyper-connected world, the latter is still possible. By concentrating [...]

5 Must-have Web Design Tools

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5 Must-have Web Design Tools WordPress is no longer a simple blogging platform. It can now be considered as a complete content management system that is utilized by millions of individuals around the globe. Since it is very easy to use and contains thousands of useful plugins, a large number of people are opting to [...]

6 Top Plugins For Your WordPress Site

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Anybody that has used WordPress before knows that the biggest thing that WordPress is famous for is the many plugins that are available on it. With thousands of plugins ready to be downloaded, WordPress becomes a powerhouse that works for you. Through adding a few key plugins you can make your site an instant success. [...]

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