With service type businesses, your website is one of the most valuable marketing tools at your disposal. An optimized home services website design that is carefully thought out and developed tend to see more conversions, stronger authority, and increased revenue. But how do you get your website visitors to trust your experience or craftsmanship? What if you already have a site, and it’s not doing anything to help you grow your business? 

Start by Asking Yourself a Few Basic Website Questions.

  • Is your home services website showing up in the search engine results?
  • Is it optimized for use on mobile devices and smartphones?
  • Does the web design align with your brand?
  • Are you highlighting case studies or examples of your work?
  • Is your site converting visitors into leads?

If you answered “no” to any of these questions, it’s time for a new home services website—or at least a revamp of your old one.

So, where do you begin? Before diving into some inspiring examples of web design for home service businesses, let’s lay the foundation.

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Stand Out with a Custom Website Design

How to Optimize Home Services Website Design

Home services web design should focus on key elements to maximize efficiency, create a trustworthy brand, and highlight information about your services.

The first and arguably most important component is creating a strong user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) design. These two factors encompass your home service website’s feel and performance.

User experience focuses on how someone feels when they arrive at your landing page or homepage. UX includes all the design factors that create an overall positive interaction with your website, products, or services.

This includes creating a strong information architecture to help make your site intuitive and easy to follow. It also encompasses all of the details that go into UI design.

User interface design covers things like page layout, color scheme, font selection, brand identity, and more.

It’s about…

…whether to put your navigation menu at the header or footer of a page.

…which color scheme and font style resonates with your brand.

…graphic design best practices based on layouts, rhythm, hierarchy, balance, and alignment.

…what template style works best for your industry.

…creating a mobile-friendly home service business website that works on all devices.


Your site’s loading speed needs to be streamlined and underneath the two-to-three-second mark. Anything longer than this can lose visitors.

This part of web design can get tricky, especially if you’re trying to highlight several high-resolution photos or videos.

Still, it’s necessary.

Top everything off with some search engine optimization (SEO) best practices and a little creative flair, and you’ve got yourself a new home services website that will get the attention you need.

The Best Website Designs for Home Service Companies

Your company’s website is a direct reflection of your business, so it’s important to utilize design elements that highlight your expertise. To help you draw inspiration, here are some of the best home

1. Detroit Garden Works

home services website design Detroit Garden Works

2. Urban Cultivator

home services website design for Urban Cultivator

3. Mr. Rooter

home services website design Mr. Rooter

4. Hall Electrical

home services website design Hall Electrical

5. Green Electrical

home services website design Green Electrical

6. Cove

home services website design Cove

7. Piece of Cake

Piece of Cake Movers home services website design

8. Artistic Windows and Doors

home services website design Artistic Windows and Doors

9. Gutter Guards America

website design for home services Gutter Guards America


home services website design So Clean

11. MARS Restoration

home services website design Mars Restoration

Benefits of Partnering with a Web Design Company

Plenty of free tools will help you with the web design process. But, if you really want to turn your dream vision into a reality, working with a professional is the fastest (and easiest) way to success. With affordable, professional services to create custom website designs, Operation Technology can help increase the likelihood of creating pages that convert your target audience into loyal customers. We’ve worked with professional home services across various industries, and our design and development team knows what it takes to create web pages that influence action. To learn more about our web design services or to schedule a free consultation, contact us today.

About the Author: Bill Dolan

Bill is an award winning designer with more than 25 years in graphic and professional Wordpress website design. He has experience in almost every area of creating art from his early days as a keyline paste-up artist to POS design to GRAMMY nominated album art.