Ecommerce businesses have all but replaced brick-and-mortar shopping. The global market totaled nearly $6 trillion in 2023 and won’t slow down anytime soon. With such staggering numbers, becoming a top ecommerce store can be challenging. But, with strategic web design elements and optimization, you can build an ecommerce store that speaks to your audience and converts.

It all starts with creating a strong foundation for a functional ecommerce platform and getting some inspiration to help you get started with your site design.

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Stand Out with a Custom Ecommerce Web Design

Important Factors For a Great Ecommerce Website

Your ecommerce site should follow a few best practices to help guide the buyer’s journey.

Start with User Experience

User experience(UX) is how you create an effective ecommerce website. It involves creating a professional website that connects with your audience in a way that makes them feel invested in your site. UX is directly tied to conversion rates, so try to focus on creating a user-friendly website with organic flow, a clean design, and intuitive navigation.

Create a Brand Identity

You’ll also want to create a brand identity and stay consistent with it. Regardless of product pages and individual items, your entire ecommerce design should follow branding. This includes color schemes, font, layout, and more. Doing so creates a cohesive website look that helps create recognition and customer loyalty over time.

If you’re going to do a re-branding, announce it ahead of time to give your loyal customers a heads-up. People may not trust the new look if it comes out of nowhere.

Add Intuitive Product Pages

Modern ecommerce websites are much different than they used to be. With emerging tools, the layouts have become more interactive, product recommendations appear based on data-driven statistics, and individuals tend to have a personalized shopping experience.

Making product / category pages and suggestions more intuitive can help you get the right items in front of the right people.

Pair pages with high-quality product images to create an ecommerce store design that maximizes user experience.

Ensure Responsive Design

A lot of people love shopping on their phones, but if your site doesn’t adapt to the screen size, they’ll lose patience.

Making the website responsive and optimized for mobile is the best way to keep customers engaged, whether at home or on the go.

Instill Audience Trust

There are millions of ecommerce shops worldwide, but only a few hundred are globally recognized. Aside from the brand’s name, what makes one shop more popular than another?

The best ecommerce sites build audience trust in their products and services.

This can be achieved through social media links, photographs of the business owner and products, and easily accessible contact information.

It’s also achieved through product reviews and testimonials.

Make it easy for shoppers to find product reviews, regardless of whether they’re good or bad. While having 5-star products is excellent, everyone gets bad reviews at some point. It’s better to be transparent about them and arm yourself with a creative way to respond to negative comments.

Prioritize Security

When selling something online, you need to ensure your customers feel safe enough to enter their payment details. In addition to SSL certificates and authentication, ecommerce web design tricks can help your audience feel confident in the safety of your site.

This may include adding some trusted seals that verify the legitimacy of your website. Examples include McAfee Secure, Shopify Secure, Norton Secured, BBB Accredited Business, and more.

Simplify the Checkout

Finally, one of the best ecommerce website design practices is to make sure the checkout is as easy as possible. Avoid putting in extra CTAs to gather unnecessary information. The easier the checkout is, the fewer abandoned carts you’ll have.

Best Ecommerce Website Design Examples to Inspire

When starting your ecommerce journey, one of the best ways to create a great design is to look for inspiration. To help, we’ve compiled some of the best examples of ecommerce websites that incorporate modern design and strong UX.

1. Marmot

ecommerce website design Marmot

2. Dollar Shave Club

ecommerce website design Dollar Shave Club

3. Death Wish Coffee

ecommerce website design Death Wish Coffee

4. Away Travel

ecommerce website design Away Travel

5. Ritual

ecommerce website design Ritual

6. Goorin Bros

ecommerce website design Goorin Bros.

7. Bose

ecommerce website design Bose

8. All Birds

ecommerce website design All Birds

9. Bliss

ecommerce website design Bliss

10. Chubbies Shorts

ecommerce website design Chubbies Shorts

11. Cross Rope

ecommerce website design Crossrope

12. Simply Chocolate

ecommerce website design Simply Chocolate

13. Magic Spoon

ecommerce website design Magic Spoon

14. Sierra Designs

ecommerce website design Sierra Designs

15. Frank Body

ecommerce website design Frank Body

16. 100 Percent Pure

ecommerce website design 100% Pure

17. Black Butterfly Clothing

ecommerce website design Black Butterfly

18. Kettle and Fire

ecommerce website design Kettle & Fire

Need Help Creating a Great Ecommerce Website Design?

Using a website builder can be a fast, affordable aspect of building an ecommerce website, but it’s not for everyone. Whether you’re unsure of where to start or simply don’t have the time to dedicate to designing your ecommerce website, Operation Technology can help. We work closely with every client to assess their needs, goals, budgets, timelines, and more to create the best solution with a solid plan of implementation. To learn more about our ecommerce web design services or schedule a free consultation, contact us today.

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