Many people regard the black and white combination as boring or uninteresting to the human eye. They believe that its’ restricting to a brand to only use these two colors to represent itself.

Perhaps the two colors remind them of the old days of TV, where it was hard for producers to display emotions due to the lack of colors. Or maybe they dont want to feel limited and would like to have the option to use vibrant colors anytime they want.

Others think that successful companies must use various colors to stand out and stay on top of their customers’ minds. So, they don’t believe in black and white as a solid color combination.

But really, how true is that?

Black and white are two of the most used colors in design and art.

Whether it’s to maintain good contrast, highlight specific elements, or create eye-catching combinations, it’s almost impossible to find a piece of design where these two colors aren’t featured today.

Black and white are also two of the most contrasting colors you can use to create websites. That makes them easy to balance on the page, which allows you to maintain good symmetry.

On top of that…

Both colors are easy on the eye and can work well together on communicating your message. That can help you evoke different emotions and create both mystery and clarity at the same time.

So, just by using black and white:

Designers can create clean, dynamic designs with stunning compositions that keep everyone glued to the screen.

Throughout the years, we’ve seen many top brands rely on black and white to convey their messages and connect with their costumers. You can do the same for your business website and brand as long as you’re willing to think creatively.

Here’s our hand-picked list of 25 outstanding black and white web designs to help you find inspiration:

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About the Author: Bill Dolan

Bill is an award winning designer with more than 25 years in graphic and professional Wordpress website design. He has experience in almost every area of creating art from his early days as a keyline paste-up artist to POS design to GRAMMY nominated album art.