The design you choose for your website will make or break your business according to research studies. Studies show that most website users and visitors make up their minds depending on their feeling towards your site within seconds of viewing it. The interior pages’ design chosen like the checkout flow matters a lot as it impacts conversion rates directly. In order to boost conversion rates on your site, you should conform to the latest web design trends.

New trends that emerge with every new year and in 2016, there were some anticipated trends in web design. Some trends that were hand-picked by design experts as the most beneficial in converting users. It is wise checking whether you have implemented the latest trends below in your website or your client’s in order to boost its current conversion rates.

Using Large Full-Width Images

When designing your website, it is advisable to use larger images as studies have proven that they make people stop on your site and take good notice. Larger images will create just the right “interruption” enough for your website to enjoy high conversion rates. To take this a notch higher, use images of people who are happy and smiling. People love seeing other people. A large image coupled with a big ambient video would be enough to get your point across. You could also include a cinemagraph as an alternative to still photos.

Using a Split Screen Layout

Of late, many web designers are using this popup whereby the home page is split into two parts. This is a great idea if you have more products, categories or services. You will be able to let people choose their own adventure in your website thereby increasing the conversion rates. This design will take your visitors to the right spot where they will be primed to purchase something.

split screen layout for web design

Use of a Monochromatic Color Scheme (with a Contrasting CTA)

Your call-to-action (CTA) ought to stand out on your website. The easiest way to achieve this is by using a monochromatic color scheme on a page and having a contrasting or bright color for your CTA. This will make it more visible and increase chances of getting more clicks.

monochromatic color scheme for web design

Prioritized Navigation

When you give your users too many options, they will be less likely to convert. All your secondary navigation options ought to be placed under a concealed menu icon. Prioritize the navigation you want them to take in order to boost conversion. You can style your main CTA to be a button to ensure maximum clickability.

Minimal Lead Capture

There is no better way to get leads than simply asking without distractions. You can place it alone in your landing page together with some benefit-driven copy that is compelling and you will be set.

Using Video

Trust is the largest hurdle between a web visitor and making sales. You can use welcome videos, product demos and testimonials for brand personalization to show the audience all about you and create this trust.

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A Sticky CTA

The CTA is the most vital part of the page and should always remain visible. You can keep it stuck on the header to remain visible as the visitor scrolls down. For mobile users, you can use a dedicated sticky footer.

Using the Card Design

This trend is inspired by Pinterest and allows people to visually and quickly move to the area that excites them. This would be the area they are likely to convert.

Single Column CTA

This web design trend eliminates the sidebar distractions. If your CTA is positioned in one column, it increases the number of clicks.

A Personalized User Experience

You can tailor an individual user’s browsing process by using buying activity, location and other relevant data. Personalization makes every interaction have a higher converting potential.

About the Author: Brad Fogel

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