always give 100 percent at work

Tips to Make Sure Your Startup Doesn’t Fail by Continually Giving 100%

Do something you love:
If your heart isn’t in it, the lure to throw in the towel during difficult times will be high. If you’re able to do something love, you’ll have more enthusiasm to keep persevering. Business startups require way more than 40 hours per (keep your weekends open!) so make sure this is something you’re willing to do around the clock!

Have faith in in yourself:
Uncertainty can be crippling. It’s vital that you believe in yourself. If you know that you’re putting 100 percent into making your business a success, you’ll find that self-confidence frequently follows.

Learn from criticism:
Thoughtful criticism can be very valuable. Any opportunity to advance an aspect of your business should be sincerely welcomed.

Keep learning:
There’s always more to learn, so be cautious of becoming too content. Everything you learn is an opportunity to improve your business. That goes for mistakes as well. Startups will suffer from slipups, but entrepreneurs that learn from their mistakes are likely to be in the successful 25 percent.

Serve your customers, not yourself:
Remember that your business is there to serve your customer and not you. Keep the customers in mind with every choice you make, and you’ll build a service or product they can get enthusiastic about.

Online Networking
Utilize the influence of social media to help connect you with potential partners, clients or people that can promote your product or service.

Offline opportunities:
Put away your smartphone and computer to find people at conferences and like-minded networking events. The connection you can make with a person face-to-face is stronger than one facilitated between computer screens. And don’t forget a business card to turn your meeting into a relationship.

About the Author: Brad Fogel

Bradley Fogel is a professional web designer and SEO consultant. Bradley has been working in the digital marketing field for over 20 years and is the CEO of Operation Technology, a digital marketing agency based in Chicago, IL. Starting his own company was something he had always wanted to do. It has been very rewarding to him seeing the team at Operation Technology helping small local businesses to large national clients with their digital marketing needs. His passion is developing strong online strategies for clients while making new connections within the industry. Brad’s background also includes a PMP certification from the Project Management Institute. Learn more about Brad Fogel.