20 Simple Website Content Ideas for Small Business Owners

As a small business owner, you might think it’s hard to spread the word about your business or struggle to come up with new ideas for content to add to your website. That doesn’t always have to be the case. You should make an effort to utilize your website tin order to build trust and relationships not only with customers or prospects, but also in general, with other companies, search engines, social sites, relevant industry influencers, etc. The more relationships you build, the more people will trust you, converse with you, link to you, and, potentially, purchase goods or services from you. So, if you’re a business is struggling to come up with new website content ideas, aim the following:

  • Write tips and tutorials on how to best utilize your company products or services.
  • Write detailed responses to questions people and post to an FAQ section on your website.
  • Make industry predictions on trends.
  • Create visuals or infographics to explain how your products/services are being used.
  • Expand your focused keyword list ( research via Google’s Keyword Planner tool).
  • Discuss why certain developments in your industry are good or bad for business.
  • Answer questions that customers have asked you face-to face, by phone or by email.
  • Write a monthly round-up of the best relevant online content you’ve come across.
  • Assemble a list of quotes from significant people in your niche area or industry.
  • Explain some general misconceptions about your products/services/industry.
  • Give views and opinions on news articles related to your industry.
  • Interview some of your most interesting or knowledgeable customers.
  • Add truthful reviews or testimonials to your site.
  • Roundup news, updates and responses to your previous content.
  • List resources (articles, videos, books, etc.) that people will find interesting and/or helpful.
  • Answer questions that people ask industry leaders on Google+, Twitter or Facebook.
  • List examples of good and bad practices in your industry.
  • Give updates on industry events and occurrences.
  • Write in-depth responses to content written by industry influencers.
  • Roundup references and reviews of your products/service made on other sites.

Well, that’s a pretty brief list of 20 content marketing ideas you can use for your company website. Have any others? Leave a comment.

About the Author: Brad Fogel

Bradley Fogel is a professional web designer and SEO consultant. Bradley has been working in the digital marketing field for over 20 years and is the CEO of Operation Technology, a digital marketing agency based in Chicago, IL. Starting his own company was something he had always wanted to do. It has been very rewarding to him seeing the team at Operation Technology helping small local businesses to large national clients with their digital marketing needs. His passion is developing strong online strategies for clients while making new connections within the industry. Brad’s background also includes a PMP certification from the Project Management Institute. Learn more about Brad Fogel.